Live authentic Reconnect with the world​

Intercultural colive-cowork-community 

at the Ecuadorian coast.

Intercultural colive-cowork-community at the Ecuadorian coast.

Live authentic
with the world

A Travel Couple With A Connection To Nature

Geena and Eric got married in the woods. After the ceremony, they camped surrounded by their loved ones. It wasn’t the most traditional setting for a wedding but, just like their nomadic lifestyle, it was perfect for them. ”Life always comes before work” Eric says of their ethos and travel style.

Geena and Eric had a good life in the States. Geena went to nursing school then worked in a hospital, while Erik worked in computer security. From an outsider’s perspective, their lives weren’t lacking anything – yet they wanted more.

”Nothing can beat that feeling of accomplishment after completing the five-day trek to Machu Picchu” says Geena. Their travels have taken them far and wide but they haven’t forgotten the little things in life. ”It’s about the simple things. Like making a joke in another language and people getting it, despite language and cultural barriers :)”, Eric explains.

What I really love about this wonderful couple, is their authentic way of talking about things. No Instagram-feel, no fake enthusiasm. 

“Life on the road has its ups and downs,” Geena says simply “but having a positive attitude changes everything. My typical line is ‘No worries, everything’s going to be okay’. Eric likes to add to that: ‘It’s all good’ which helps, too. Find your phrase, change your perspective, and all experiences come in another way. A guy with a brain tumor opened my eyes. His phrase ‘It’s not the end of the world’ really inspired me.”

When it comes to funding their travels, they utilise the world of online work. Geena has completely switched careers from a nurse to a travel blogger and travel planner. Eric has kept his day job but now does it remotely, managing a team of email security staff from his laptop. ”Communication processes vary from country to country. Working with people from different cultures helps me understand them better” says Eric. 

From work to their travel lifestyle, it’s interactions with people that motivate Geena and Eric. ”Sitting together, offering a smile. Even with the language barrier, just sitting at the same table and being open is well received.” 

What does the future hold? Geena and Eric hope to start a family but are contemplating keeping up the nomad lifestyle with kids in tow. While the future isn’t set in stone, it’s bound to be interesting. When asked of their biggest dreams, Eric says they’re living it already. ”Well, this or being an astronaut” he adds with a smile.



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