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Intention at Punta la Barca

Living at Punta la Barca is a lot more than staying at the beach. It is envisioning and taking steps towards a more fair and sustainable world, together. Punta la Barca is and builds on being:

A place to rediscover the benefits of community that we have lost in modern western life, honoring the power of living together.

A place to try out steps towards a more sustainable way of living for the planet

Part of the local community, conscious about our privileged position. We do not have a for-profit goal: all extra is directed towards our role in the local community.

What does an intention practically look like

Stays 10 days to 1,5 months
Get to know the way of life, what it looks and feels like, enjoy sporadic cooking and cleaning together. Participate in the focus project when it interests you, or feel free try out something of your own

Stayed for more than 1,5 months with us before?
Don’t be afraid to take on (a) little project(s) of your skill or interest to help push Punta la Barca in the right direction

Volunteer (skilled)
Take on responsibility about 3h/day 5 days/week to guide a focus project independently, involving others & documenting the journey

Volunteer Profiles

Woodworker/handyman/designer for
building & repairs for communal areas

Electric handyman for sustainable energy

Gardener handyman for sustainable gardening

¨People person/artist/yogi/storyteller for community creation & rituals

Marketeer/content writer for online communications

Expert in racism/class/privilege to raise conciousness about privilege

Administrative/organizational wonder for open administration & finances

Educator/concious unschooling parent to involve kids & self-directed learning