Live authentic Reconnect with the world​

Intercultural colive-cowork-community 

at the Ecuadorian coast.

Intercultural colive-cowork-community at the Ecuadorian coast.

Live authentic
with the world

Dear traveler,

We have different concepts for coliving: monthly stays (1 to 3 months), short stay (minimum 10 days), and long term stay (4 months and more). Have a look below for reservation conditions, financial and volunteering contributions, accommodation, and what staying at Punta la Barca entails. 

We also organize activities exploring the Ecuadorian coast, we work together with the local holistic education project La Aldea, and cooperate with watersport schools for kitesurf, surf and e-foil, and local music & artesanias teachers.

Complete immersion months include all of this together

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Short Stay

10 days to 3 weeks

Ideal if you want to start with a try-out. Possible to prolong on the spot as long as availability allows.




Monthly Stay

10 days to 3 weeks


You get a monthly discount, a kite/surf try-out, and pick-up upon arrival free. We strongly encourage monthly stays, because it takes time to immerse in a culture, hear yourself again, feel another flow of life, and really get to know each other.

Long term Stay

4 months and more.






Struggling with the financial contribution? Here is how to lower it.

We cover the costs at Punta la Barca (including food, maintenance of the place, amazing but expensive internet, work and coordination ao) together amongst the colivers. With each of us having different abilities to contribute, this is how we do it.

The normal monthly contribution ($694 for a solo traveler) is still lower than most popular colivings for travelers and digital nomads, so if you can, help us in this simple way. That being said, the world is unequal, and we understand that what is little for one person is a lot for another. If this is the case for you, read here how you can lower your financial contribution and still live & contribute in Punta la Barca 🤙🔥.

1/ Stay longer! If you stay more than 3 months, your monthly contribution will be 25% less (4+ month rate)! This also makes you a more permanent member of Punta la Barca, giving you the chance to co-create Punta la Barca with us from the inside out in its quest for a more free, fair, and sustainable way of living.

2/ Bring your partner or a good friend to share the room (and fridge) with! It gives you a 25% discount each (couple rate). 

3/ Are you Latin American? We have opportunities available for Latin American travelers seeking discounted rates due to financial challenges, with a discount of up to 25%. Write to us if you think you might benefit from this 🤙. Please understand these spots are limited.

4/ Do you speak Spanish fluently, have a skill to offer, and some free time left? Then you can lower your financial contribution by doing semi-volunteering. Send us a personal message with a proposal on how you can help us. If your proposal gets accepted, you can reduce your contribution by 10% (2 hours a week of help) or up to 25% (5 hours a week of help), contributing your skills to Punta la Barca.

5/ Do you speak Spanish fluently, have a skill to offer, and a lot of free time? We have one spot for a full time volunteer, which is about 20 hours of weekly help. Send us a personal message with a proposal on how you can help us. If your proposal gets accepted and the volunteer spot is available, you don’t pay anything—zero, nada, nothing :).

6/ Do you love kids, have experience in alternative education, or want to share a particular skill with our future generation (woodworking, photography, languages, etc)?  We support a wonderful local Montessori initiative at walking distance. From time to time there is a spot for a full time volunteer for the Montessori school. You offer 20 hours of weekly help at the school while staying at Punta la Barca. Send us a personal message with your motivation for helping the Montessori. If your proposal gets accepted and the volunteer spot is available, you don’t pay anything—zero, nada, nothing :).

And if you manage to stay more than 3 months, get one of the Latin American spots with less privilege, share a room with your friend, and help us for 5 hours a week with your skill that serves Punta la Barca? Your monthly contribution drops to 25% of 25% of 25% of 25% of $694, which is $220 monthly!! And so we manage to connect cultures that do not have the same privileges… ❤




Ask any question or get in touch with us?


Punta la Barca has 6 private rooms and 2 houses. You can choose to stay either in a room or in a house. The prices in yellow are for stays in rooms, a house comes with an extra cost of $200 monthly. Travelers with kids get priority to stay in the houses.

All prices are in usd.
Bring your own toiletries and towel, this is not provided.

Our rooms

Our rooms are private and basic. All rooms have a bed, desk and cloth shelves. Three rooms have a private toilet (assigned on number of travelers and first come principle). Hot water flower showers are just outside the rooms. Each room has a fridge and box for private food in the shared kitchen.

Our houses

Private and complete with their own kitchen, toilet, shower, 2 bedrooms and terrace. The houses are close to the common areas.

All stays in Punta la Barca include:

Daily home-made breakfast (local, varies with the day).


Weekdays cooking-together dinner (monday-thursday). 


Vegetarian ingredients are provided, cooking is shared.


Water, electricity, drinking water, gas

Common kitchen with fridge and dry space to store and cook your own food.

Hot outdoors showers under the flowers and with company of birds and an iguana.

Weekly cleaning of the rooms & bed sheet change.

We do a weekly communal cleaning together for common areas.

Two cowork areas (inside/semi-outside) accessible 24/7.


50 mbps fiberglass internet.

Solar back-up for power outages.

Two surf board, two body boards, beach field (tennis/volley), juggling materials, imagination area, bonfire, cards games, guitar.

Free try-out kitesurf/surf (monthly + stays, others 35$)

We pick you up in Manta airport/ bus terminal (monthly+ stays, others 15$)

Intention at Punta la Barca

Living at Punta la Barca is a lot more than staying at the beach. It is envisioning, experimenting and taking steps towards a more free, fair and sustainable world, together. Punta la Barca is and builds on being:


A place to rediscover the benefits of community that we have lost in modern western life, honoring the power of living together and sharing authentically.


A place to experiment with what practical daily life could look like as a modern sustainable community.


Part of the local community, conscious about our privileged position. Punta la Barca does not have a for-profit goal: all extra is directed towards our role in the local community.

Montessori for kids 4-12y

A wonderful local alternative school at walking distance welcomes travelers’ kids on a monthly basis. 

When: 8-12, monday-friday

Cost: to discuss with the school (ask us for the contact)


From surf trips, national parks, full moon beach bonfire, whale watching, making a chair from an old surfboard, finding octopuses with Juan’s dad to cooking together.. you’re always invited to join in.

When, what and how: shaped by the current group of guests. 

Cost: Depending on the activity

Child Care

A local takes care of your kids at Punta la Barca while you’re busy. Only in Spanish. Possible to share with other travelers. 

When: Flexible

Cost: $5 for 2 hours. 

Cu soon 🤙!