Live authentic Reconnect with the world​

Intercultural colive-cowork-community 

at the Ecuadorian coast.

Intercultural colive-cowork-community at the Ecuadorian coast.

Live authentic
with the world

Nomad with Kids at Punta la Barca

1,5 Month of inspirational community for both adults and kids.

For digital nomad families, long term travelers, (kite)surfers & campers with kids, homeschoolers, unschoolers, and worldschoolers.

The spirit of slowing down to the rhythm of an Ecuadorean fishing village. The vibe of living outdoors, following curiousity, and connecting across languages. A communal athmosphere where kids freeplay while adults get stuff done. The way life feels right.

Living a modern implementation of tribal life. That is Punta la Barca is for. 

Deserted beaches, warm sea, surf, kitesurf, hills, forests and whales at your doorstep

Stable wifi 12 mbps, cowork-with-kids area + cowork-focus-only area

Good conversations, cultural diversity, freeplay for the kids, and slowing down to find back the essence.

Connection through cooking together

Inspiring community for both adults and kids to grow

Digital Nomads with Kids

Punta la Barca has been the home of digital nomads since 2015, and digital nomad families since 2020. Researchers, IT’s, marketeers, managers, teachers, journalists, filmmakers, artists and writers have enjoyed the amazing combination of stable wifi and rural Ecuadorean immersion.

Expect a small community of 5-15 easy-going nomads (both with and without kids), low-cost accommodation, pick-up from the airport or bus terminal, tropical fruits and veggies at the door, local daily breakfast and cooking together.

A focus-only work area, another work area shared with kids, and stable fiberglass 12 mbps wifi. A freeplay area for the kids, safe surroundings to explore (though you should not fear dogs), optional shared childcare, and a 30min public transport connection to Manta city.

Kitesurfers & Surfers with Kids

Chasing the wind?
Santa Marianita is an outstanding
place to kite, with stable wind, sandy beaches, warm water, whales, and few people.

We recommend to stay minimum
two weeks for learning. Kids can learn from +-10y old.
Advanced kiters: bring size 9-12.
Windy season is may-october, with whales between june and september!

Chasing the waves?
A set of nice undiscovered waves are
breaking just in front, two beginner surf boards and bodyboards for the kids
are free to try out.
For advanced surfers, bring your own board.
Waves work all year round,
though are biggest in december-april.

Long term Travelers Campers with Kids Worldschoolers Homeschoolers Unschoolers

The magic of sharing life and travel some weeks to months with travelers with and without kids from all over.

Punta la Barca is ruled by nature and freedom. The chance to get to know a fishing village from the inside out. Opportunity for kids to run around and learn in a freeplay environment. The benefits of diverse community for young and old. A slower pace of life, cooking together, spanish immersion, optional shared childcare, juggling at the bonfire. Good wifi.

Humpback whales swim so close to shore that you can spot them from the hammocks. Kitesurfing conditions are amazing. Four different surf spots neighbor us. Wonderful authentic beaches around, and locals to show you the way. Most importantly, the outdoor adventure is still authentic. No tourists.

We cook, live, work, and experience together life at the Ecuadorean coast.

It takes a VILLAGE to raise a child.

Fellow nomadic family, adventurous families, with big hearts for the outdoors, cultures and life in general. You are what makes Punta la Barca thrive.

Punta la Barca is community for traveling families. Whether travel is your holiday, gap year or lifestyle, we unite to share life some weeks to months at Punta la Barca.

Travel with kids is the challenge of getting out of your comfort zone together with the challenge of raising kids. And both goes so much better when we’re together in it. 

It is wanting to grow,  seeking new connections, living other cultures from the inside out, feeling the world outside what we’ve always known. Experience life and discover what we can mean in it 🌎🤙. It’s hard to find other families to join in on this kind of journey.

And that is exactly why we sense so much value in seeking each other 🤸‍♂️.

Community is the essence of Punta la Barca, and is created by each and every one of you folks. We are finding our way in life, and doing this together with you guys. 

We TRAVEL, not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.