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A different way of living

Punta La Barca is not only a coliving for the traveler, it is also a home of locals. Punta La Barca is owned by locals, who’s family comes over to use the internet, watch their fathers arrive from their 3-week-fishing trip, make a birthday party, and to go catch pulpo at the beach. 

The youth loves when a traveler joins them playing football on the village’s fields or invites them for a game of beachtennis/volley at Punta la Barca . Though the big city of Manta is only 20 minutes away, people here still prefer to live their culture of “buen vivir” – it is a simple but happy life, very welcoming and with strong social bonds and habits. Families here consist easily of 50 members, with traditionally the men go fishing and the women ruling the house.

 It is a culture with only 1 car every 100 people and a very communal atmosphere, interchanging food (fish, chicken, pig) between eachother, making shopping in the big city almost unnecessary. 

Experiences Punta la Barca

We believe in the magic of personal initiative and third level fun. Meaning we don’t propose any schedule or pre-organized activities, though let the flow depend on vibe of the moment. Some travelers feel like discovering the whole of Ecuador in a couple of weeks, others don’t leave the house for three months. We understand both, and leave freedom for both to thrive and inspire each other. “We’re doing this today, welcome if you wanna join in” is a magic phrase 🥰.

The folder below gives more of an idea of daily experiences in and around (untill day-trip-distance) of Punta la Barca!

Learn daily local skills

Interested to take initiative to get to know more about local life? We help to contact locals in order to learn certain traditions, as the art of sombrero making, creating bowls and spoons from mate, and catching conchas and pulpo. Nearly every month there is a village baile, an open party with its very own dance rules – an experience for each traveler, and the locals love for you to take part in their traditions.

Spanish conversation & immersion in the village

Immersion is without doubt the best way to learn a language. In basis out of own initiative, our spanish “class” is an attempt to facilitate connection and immersion with the locals. 

It is a lighthearted spanish class for travelers eager to improve by immersion. It consists of a small class with a bilingual teacher, then practice with guiding tasks in the village guided by an only-spanish-speaking local. 

For who: Both adults and kids (8+) can participate, one to max 5 persons. Three times a week for 1 hour in the mornings.  

Cost: 25$ weekly private one person, 15$ weekly per person in group.

Discover what to experience in and around Punta la Barca

Think community, tranquilo, nature, kitesurf, whales, beach, office, local, bonfire, good talks, grow.